Rules to A Good Life

Everyone wants to have a better, best, or simply a good life. However, the path towards self-enlightenment is not easy and will never be. Life will always be filled with long roads to cross. One must be strong enough to travel either alone, or with a companion.  It is a human nature for anyone to either pursue having a better life, becoming famous, rich or have a happy family.

While there are people who believe that there is nothing can be done to change the way of one’s life situation, I, personally, beg to disagree. If an individual decides to go or pursue whatever it is to improve the quality of life, then there are no one on this Planet or Universe to stop him or her to have a better life.

There are no specific rules to a good life, because having a good life varies to every individual.  There are people who believe in Christ, Allah, Buddha, and other Godly images. For these individuals, following the commandments and teachings of the church can lead them to a good life. I too, believe in the same thing and with the scriptures of the church. However, one must have an examined life to have spiritual contentment too. What I mean is, do not only understand or comprehend the teachings of the church but make it part of life to be developed and enriched. Quoting a line from the movie Life of Pi, “Believe in something then to accept everything blindly. And that begins with thinking rationally.”

As I have mentioned earlier, the definition of a Good Life can only be defined by you. The good life experiences of the others can only attract, inspire and touch other people, but will not necessarily be the same as yours. Several factors can affect the life of human in reaching for the good life. Nevertheless, you can set simple rules to a good life if you have a clear vision of your life.

I honestly recommend that you have a sense of goal in life, because you cannot have a good life without having a purpose. Quoting again from the Life of Pi movie, “My fear of him (Richard Parker) keeps me alert. Tending to his needs gives my life purpose.” Although Pi during that time does not have any specific purpose in mind, he knows that he needs to be awake and alive because someone, like Richard Parker is depending on him to stay alive. Imagine if Pi was not able to ponder about tending the tiger’s needs. Do you think he and the tiger would be able to survive?

Life’s purpose is important, and what is difficult is how to achieve such purpose. Being asked of how makes many individuals back out from achieving a good life. HOW an open-ended question and no one is capable of knowing how to do it because again there are several factors that can affect your plan in achieving a good life. However, if you keep yourself asking with how, and by being open to the insights and intuitive around you, doors for opportunities and unlimited resources will be opened. In the end, you will get to move forward to your envisioned good life.

So, what is your purpose?

Good Life Blogging - Rules to A Good Life

Then maybe, you can set your own rules to a Good Life.

According to Forbes, there are Ten Golden Rules on Living the Good Life. Find out what these are from this link



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